Yes, we're in Portland.

Since 2009, Hovercraft has evolved from a partnership of two into a reliable and energetic creative team. The truth is — we started Hovercraft with minimal agency training; just the desire and belief to do something fun, unique and worth standing behind. Our lofty goals were simple and twofold; establish real relationships with the brands we love, and provide them with killer work we could all be proud of. As time has progressed, we’ve stood by our goals and have continued to focus on creating great, lasting work that’s both strategically informed and tactfully executed.

What makes us, us?

We Love This Stuff
Thinking and creating. It’s pretty simple, Hovercraft exists because we love doing this type of work.


We’re Experienced
We’ve helped grow startups into formidable businesses, realign experienced brands with evolving customer bases and launched highly focused brand categories in existing markets. This isn’t our first rodeo.


We’re Insightful
We grew up as outlandish kids and remain young in spirit. Our company is anchored in youthful culture & sophisticated lifestyle.


We’re Small
Because we choose to be. We don’t overbook workload or juggle a bunch of clients. If we’re in it together, you get our undivided attention and stay our priority. No hiding behind a chain of command or calls unreturned; we’re always available.

We’re Efficient
Costs are tailored per project to the exact scope of work and we run things lean and mean.


We’re Creative

Our work is ultimately about imagining what’s possible and making it real, so that’s our focus. We’ve seen just about everything there is to see in the industry; clear perspective is on our side.


We’re Hungry
No, not like we haven’t had lunch. We earn every relationship we have through hard work and continued results, which is why our working relationships last for years.



We think, design & create for brands and products. Every project we step into begins with elements of strategy & research. We’re lucky to have been working with great brands over the years.


Brand Campaigns
Retail & Environment


Derek Leach

Senior Designer

Wrote a rap song once, doesn’t have a design portfolio and his dad is a badass. Willing to strap his Go Pro to anything for “the shot.” Knows how to catch a fish.

Kate Rogers

Project Manager

Native of upstate New York, not to be confused with Canada. Single handedly keeping Amazon in business, one prime order at a time.

Kaitlin De La Merle

Designer & Illustrator

Connoisseur of poop jokes. Rocks a backwards hat. Mother to a french bulldog. Her meeting doodles are priceless.

Romeo Salazar

Junior Designer

The most unassuming, quiet comedian in town. Rides his bike to work, loves techy things and rum & cokes. Has approximately 34 nicknames.

Ryan Haaland

Partner / Creative Director

Tall, light & handsome. A native of New Mexico. All about sports, high fives & Game of Thrones. Works out in the comfort of his own home.

Zack Teachout

Partner / Creative Director

Wild, bearded and (gluten) free. He hails from the cold of New England and was born to be a fiddler in an old-time string band.

Ryan Raschbaum

Seniorish Designer

A new transplant from Texas. Says y’all more than anyone and is a little too excited about LA going to the Spurs.



Daily routines include the occasional pee on floor trick, and eating things that aren’t food.